Foreign Languages

One of the most recent changes within our institution is the transformation to a bilingual system, working hand in hand with Cambridge University Press, thus becoming allies of said prestigious organization. Just 10 educational institutions in Mexico, and 22 in Latin America have been invited by Cambridge University Press to become Better Learning Partners. 

With this alliance, we guarantee that our institution will continue to stay ahead in English teaching. English is definitely the language that allows our students to fulfill a global communication and broaden their horizons, from Early Childhood to High School. 

Our teachers have certifications such as TOEIC, TOEFL, and TKT, and are constantly evaluated in order to update their pedagogical resources. 

Our students are evaluated by the Cambridge English Placement Test to know their level within the Common European Framework of Reference. They are given a certificate by Cambridge so it becomes part of their academic record.

After finishing their French studies in our school, our students’ speaking level allows them to be admitted to French-speaking universities.

 Currently, 85% of our graduates receive scholarships from the most prestigious national and international colleges, participating in AP courses offered by foreign universities.

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