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About US

Colegio Cervantes de Torreon was founded on March 10th, 1940 by a group of Spanish immigrants led by Professor Antonio Vigatá Simó, who was a principal of a prestigious school in Lérida, Spain.

Colegio Cervantes started operating during the 1939 - 1940  school year in an old house on 25 West Morelos Ave. Mr. Vigatá was the principal and founder of the school. The first teachers were Mario Aleixandre, Antonio Antolín, Pablo Farrús, Cecilio Palomares, Ricardo Pons, Rodolfo Reyes, José Sampietro, and the Mexican Joaquín Robledo

Attending the increasing demand, and with the intention on providing services in an area specifically designed for the school, the facilities of Campus Bosque were built on 150 North Juan Pablos Street on 1959.

Professor Antonio Vigatá Simó remained as head of the school until 1978, when Mr. Jaime A. Méndez Vigatá took over.

In 1990, Mr. Jaime A. Méndez Vigatá founded Campus Antonio Vigatá Simó on the east side of the city


Our mission is to  form individuals that:

  • Are skilled and knowledgeable, and are able to face our world´s challenges 
  • have moral, intellectual, and aesthetic values that allow them to grow both professionally and spiritually.
  • positively contribute to the development of our country. 


To offer quality educational service.

Respect to all religious and ideological beliefs.

Promote moral and social values that are intrinsic to our culture.

Strengthen our students’ integral  formation.

Promote activities that foster our staff’s professional development.

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Colegio Cervantes currently offers its educational services in two locations:

Campus Bosque

Campus Antonio Vigata Simó

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